ADCB Pink Month

ADCB Pink Month

At ADCB, we believe that the fight against Breast Cancer is one that we should all be part of and together make a difference. Each October, through the ADCB Pink Month initiative, ADCB focuses on supporting breast cancer awareness, in partnership with a number of significant charities and organisations, to offer community outreach events and activities.

2016 marked our 7th consecutive year, during which we supported the following special initiatives in support of the fight against Breast Cancer:

ADCB Zayed Sports City 5&10K Run

ADCB Pink Run is more than a just running event with people of different abilities coming together to show their support towards this special cause. The increasingly popular 5&10K runs are held annually by ADCB & Abu Dhabi Striders at Zayed Sport City. 

All proceeds from the race go towards Breast Cancer Research. 

In October 2016, over 1,100 people participated in the ADCB Zayed Sports City 5&10K run making it the most successful edition of the run to date. 


ADCB Pink Polo

ADCB Pink Polo has become one of the most important breast cancer awareness initiatives in the UAE. ADCB Pink Polo is a bespoke charity polo match held at Ghantoot Polo Club in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness, in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Health Authority. The event objective is to support medical research and raise awareness about breast cancer in the UAE.

ADCB's Pink Garden is located on the edge of the polo field and offers an oasis of fun for kids with the bouncy castle, games, arts and crafts, treats for ladies and lots more. Entry is free for families.

Graphic 3 Pink Polo

ADCB Tree of Hope

Graphic 4 ADCB Tree of Hope

The ADCB Tree of Hope was launched in October 2012 with the objective of spreading the message of hope and positivity around breast cancer while raising awareness and funds. The ADCB Tree of Hope structure is a replica of a plain tree trunk with bare tree branches. As guests write their messages of hope on pink sticker leaves and place them on the branches of the tree, the message of hope brings the tree to life. A donation of minimum AED 10 is requested for each message of hope to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research while also raising awareness of the cause.

All visitors to the ADCB Tree of Hope receive a pink ribbon pin and literature around Breast Cancer Awareness on early detection, and health and wellbeing tips to reduce risk of breast cancer and possibly save lives

The ADCB Tree of Hope is available at all ADCB Pink Events throughout the month of October.


Donate A Dirham

ADCB ATM users have the oppourtunity to donate a Dirham to help fund Breast Cancer Research in the UAE during ADCB Pink Month each October. The amounts collected through this platform are donated to Al Jalila Foundation, a global philanthropic organisation dedicated to transforming lives through medical education and research. 

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E-Banking Donations

ADCB also offers an opportunity for its customers to donate through ADCB's Internet Banking platform to Al Jalila Foundation to support Breast Cancer Research in the UAE. 

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Other Helpful Information


Early detection is key to breast cancer survival. Finding abnormalities early increases the likelihood of successful treatment. Learn how to do this and actively take charge of your health by following these easy steps for self-examination:

• In front of the mirror: 

Stand facing the mirror with your arms by your side or hands on your hips. Look at your breasts for any change is size, shape, colour or distortion. Raise your arms and look for the same changes. Contact your doctor immediately if you spot any dimpling, puckering or bulging of the skin, any redness, rash or scanlines, or discharge. 

This can also be done in the shower where many women find it easier to feel their breasts when the skin is wet and slippery.

• Lying down:

Lying down on your back, place your right arm behind your head and use the left hand to feel the right breast. 

Using the pads of your finger to make a small circular motion, apply medium pressure to cover the whole breast area. Switch arm and breast. Contact your doctor immediately if you feel any lumps or knots.

Self-examination should be done once a month, ideally a few days after your monthly cycle has ended so that your breasts don't feel tender or swollen.


A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast, used to look for breast cancer. Mammography screening is proven to be the most effective screening method because it helps to find breast cancer when it is smaller and more treatable, and thus increases the chances of survival. The health authority of Abu Dhabi recommends screening for women over 40 years of age.


Simple lifestyle changes may reduce your risks of getting breast cancer. While some risk factors cannot be changed, such as gender, age or race, many other risks can be avoided through simple steps, such as:

• Control your weight: 

Calculate your body mass index (BMI) if you fall into the overweight or obese categories, it is important to lose weight through correct diet and exercising regularly.

• Get active: 

Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. Even brisk walking can help. Aim for three hours of moderate exercise per week or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, plus strength training at least twice a week.

• Limit fat intake.

Cut your intake of saturated fat and replace it with fiber and organic food.

• Don't smoke. 

Avoiding smoking is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.


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