Learning & Development

Learning & Development

ADCB invests in employee learning and development through many channels, including our Ambition University programmes, our train-the-trainer approach, and our e-learning platform. Such investments are vitally important to the Bank's long-term success, as they empower our workforce, enhance competencies, and foster productivity and professional growth.

AED 2,351
average approximate investment per employee trained*

Mandatory Risk Management Training

All ADCB employees participate in mandatory e-learning courses that address materially relevant issues, in order to ensure robust risk management and compliance governance. Our employee performance evaluation process tracks successful completion of e-learning programmes dealing with compliance, anti-money laundering, sanctions, operational risk, fraud prevention and information security.

Sustainability Training

Sustainability training was integrated into the employee induction training programme in 2016 with approximately 275 new staff receiving sustainability training.

* as at 31 Dec 2016