Five Strategic Pillars

Five Strategic Pillars

Our core pillars have served to underpin our success, helping to build a resilient and innovative organisation with exceptional customer service.


Generate sustainable profit growth through a UAE centric approach

Our commitment to the UAE and its economy remains a cornerstone of our strategy. The UAE is a dynamic, growing market with great ambition and significant long-term business potential as it continues to diversify. Dedicating ourselves to this one market gives us a sharp focus on the developing needs of our customers. Our strong franchise, well-established network, and unrivalled local knowledge gives us a clear competitive advantage in the UAE. We support our clients with a selective international presence that includes two branches in India, one in Jersey and representative offices in London and Singapore.


Sustainability through liability growth and funding diversification

The Bank has a diversified liability base with increasing customer deposits. Loan growth is funded through growth in customer deposits, which resulted in a significant improvement in the Bank’s loan to deposit ratio since the launch of our strategy. Our current and savings account (CASA) deposits continue to play an important role in promoting sustainable liability growth for the Bank. Over the years, our CASA balances have increased significantly. Our award-winning and world-class cash management platform is a key source of growing CASA balances. Our time deposits provide additional liquidity with longer-term funding. Diversification of our funding profile is a significant element of our liquidity risk management framework. Our wholesale funding remains diversified by markets, tenors, currencies and products, providing a stable and reliable source of funding.


Superior customer experience through service excellence

It is our ambition to provide exceptional customer service and we believe excelling in this helps to set us apart from our competitors. We are committed to continuous improvement — simplifying our processes, improving our products, and training our people to enhance each and every customer journey. Customer satisfaction is continually measured through our Net Promoter Score (NPS), allowing us to react in real-time to better assist customers while improving our service. This is central to our strategy and NPS scores account for at least 30% of every employee’s annual performance objectives.


Effective risk taking and management in line with a predefined risk appetite

We seek to promote a robust risk culture throughout our organisation. Our disciplined approach to risk management is fundamental to protecting the Bank’s long-term financial strength and has given us the flexibility to adjust to the challenges in the operating environment over the past few years. Our risk appetite is designed in partnership with the Board and ensures an effective balance between risk and reward, whilst protecting the safety and soundness of the organisation. We continuously review our risk management practices in order to adapt and improve our approach. Our risk management framework protects the Bank’s financial strength and growth potential by providing a conservative balance sheet, a clear governance structure, and a robust capital and liquidity position.


Exploitation of digital for growth and efficiency - leveraging data analytics

In 2017, the Bank decided to accelerate its digital transformation and to make this one of the key strategic pillars. Our goal is to continue to simplify the client experience and improve the digital ecosystems for all our customers. A detailed digital strategic plan has been prepared to guide implementation over the next few years. Our aim is to use cutting-edge technology that creates value for our customers by improving their experience. We also want to harness digital for growth and efficiency across the Bank, enhancing our systems and making greater use of data analytics to improve our services. ADCB already has a strong digital offering. In total, over 90% of our retail financial transactions occur digitally. Using technology in the right way will help us to serve our customers better, enabling faster, more secure and efficient banking.

Success of our strategic pillars depends on 

our enablers

Attracting and rewarding the best talent with incentives aligned to strategic objectives

We recognise that the Bank’s long-term success depends on our staff — and that channelling our people’s ambition is critical to the successful realisation of our strategic aspirations. We benefit from having a highly-talented, motivated and inclusive workforce, who passionately support our purpose to build strong partnerships with customers. The success of our efforts can be seen in our unrivalled retention rates, and outstanding engagement scores.

Agile organisation and innovative culture

To stay ahead of the competition, we continually enhance our ways of working. We are improving our culture by being nimbler, offering greater empowerment at all levels and reducing the number of siloes across the business. As we continue to digitise our processes, we are also integrating our teams from across the Bank. These new teams, made up of staff from differing disciplines, focus on continual innovation. This way, we aim to accelerate the pace of product and service innovation to improve customer service. We regard greater agility as a key enabler for our digital strategy.