Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

ADCB MoneySenseTM

ADCB MoneySense is a financial responsibility programme that offers the necessary financial skills to effectively manage one's finances. With the support of the Emirates Foundation, ADCB has created MoneySense to provide our stakeholders with practical information, tips and tools that can facilitate better money management. To learn more, download the PDF.


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Initially developed in 2016 as a groundbreaking initiative, MoneySense is a first-of-its-kind financial literacy programme in the UAE, which encourages the widespread adoption of sound personal financial management skills. This initiative was borne through an elevated partnership with the Emirates Foundation and offered free branch-based financial literacy and one-to-one mentoring on topics including: budgeting, setting and reaching savings goals, responsible borrowing, and planning for the future. For more information about this initiative, click here for the press release.

ADCB has now redesigned MoneySense to reach a larger community.

In 2016, ADCB also promoted responsible money management through staff participation in the Emirates Foundation's Esref Sah Shabaab Club. This train-the-trainer programme provided ADCB staff with comprehensive training on sound financial money management principles which enabled them to do outreach activities and train fellow UAE national youth through activities organized by the Emirates Foundation. ADCB's staff constituted approximately 20% of the total participants in the Shabaab Club programme.