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Value Added Services

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
  • Instant Payment Plan (IPP) at Point of Sale
  • Instant redemption of ADCB TouchPoints

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  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

    DCC or Dynamic Currency Conversion is a value added service which enables merchants to offer VISA and MasterCard cardholders the ability to pay for goods or services in their own currency. Using this option, cardholders have a higher comfort level and better understanding at the time of purchase as to what the transaction value is in their own currency. ADCB Merchant Services offers this service to those merchants where there is a potential of higher international customer footfall.

    Merchant Benefits:

    • Reduced risk of call-backs, charge-backs, and disputes since the DCC service is offered free of charge
    • A wide range of over 105 currencies to choose from
    • PCI Compliant solution
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Price transparency in the most familiar currency
    • Availability of monthly MIS to measure DCC Performance
    • A dedicated resource to offer training on the service

    Customer Benefits:

    • Ability to pay in a familiar currency
    • Exact amount spent appears on the customerís statement
    • Competitive exchange rate
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Easy for business travelers who compile expenses
  • Instant Payment plan (IPP) at Point of Sale

    The IPP option gives customers the convenience of making payments for their purchases in monthly instalments over a period of time at outlets when they use their credit cards.

    Merchant Benefits:

    • Ability to drive more traffic to the outlet because of the convenience offered
    • Increased chances of high ticket item purchase because of the installment option
    • Edge over competition by providing customer convenience

    Customer Benefits:

    • Guaranteed IPP approval at the POS terminal
    • No waiting time with the call center
    • Opportunity to up-sell
  • Instant redemption of ADCB TouchPoints

    ADCB customers earn points when they spend with their ADCB Debit or Credit Card, save with ADCB, finance through ADCB, and invest with us. They also get points for online banking, bill-payment and many other interactions with ADCB. The loyalty points called ADCB TouchPoints can be redeemed instantly at ADCB Point of Sale machines to purchase desired products. Our machines come enabled with the instant redemption feature giving more purchasing power to the customer thereby increasing your business.

    For more information on ADCB Touchpoints, please click here.

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