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ADCB Money Transfer


Need to transfer money urgently?

You now have money transfer at your fingertips with the ADCB Mobile Banking App. All you have to do is download our app and follow the simple steps shown below. It is easy, convenient and rewarding.

Download the app from:

To use money transfers on the App:

Login to the ADCB Mobile
Banking App and click to add a
payee under 'Transfer money'.
Once confirmed, select the
payee, enter the amount and
continue with the transfer.
A customer service
representative will call you to
confirm for security purposes.
Await the OTP (one time
password) and use it on
screen to confirm the transfer.


The convenience of sending money from your home or office
Competitive exchange rates
Free personal insurance up to AED 100,000. Know More

Our links with a global network of banks and their branches (including our own branches in India and other countries) allow us to offer you a range of options for fund transfer in a number of currencies at competitive exchange rates.

Please visit our home page to know our attractive exchange rates for major currencies.

The same convenience is also available on ADCB Personal Internet Banking (click here to login) and at ADCB branches.

Ways to transfer online :

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  • To Other banks within UAE

    With ADCB Online Banking, you can now transfer funds through UAEFTS (UAE Funds Transfer System) from your ADCB account to any other bank in the UAE.

    It is an extremely convenient and smooth process, and your money will usually be credited within twenty four hours.

    You also have the facility to set up Standing Instructions on your account with ADCB. Kindly refer to the list of purpose of payment while requesting for the set up of Standing Instructions.

    UAE Purpose of Payment Codes - Domestic Transactions
    Please find below the Purpose of Payment (PoP) codes, as provided by Central Bank UAE. These PoP codes can be used for domestic transactions in AED where both the remitting and beneficiary institution are members of UAEFTS. Please note that these PoP codes may be amended in accordance with Central Bank UAE instructions.

     Code Description
  • Between ADCB accounts

    Through ADCB Personal Internet Banking and ADCB Mobile App, you can now transfer funds between accounts under the same customer ID. Transfer to your other ADCB Accounts is instant and easy.

    To make a transfer from your ADCB account to one of your own accounts, simply visit ADCB Personal Internet Banking and choose the ‘Transfer Money Online’ option.

    Transfers to other ADCB accounts can also be made, quickly and easily. Simply log in to ADCB Personal internet Banking register a beneficiary and you can start right away!

  • Fund Transfers to ADCB Offshore Accounts

    ADCB Offshore Banking offers you the convenience of banking with ADCB and the added security of knowing your money is held in the highly regulated and well-established offshore financial centre of Jersey.

    Transfer funds to and fro in real time, conveniently and swiftly from your ADCB Offshore Account to your ADCB onshore account in UAE or vice versa through ADCB Personal Internet Banking and ADCB Mobile Banking.

    For payment instructions from Non-ADCB accounts to your ADCB Offshore Account, you may use the ADCB Jersey Branch Swift Code: ADCBJESH and the corresponding IBAN.

    For payment instructions from a UK Bank Account to your ADCB Offshore Account, you may use the ADCB Jersey Branch Sort Code: 406256 and the corresponding 8-digit Jersey account number of your ADCB Offshore Account.

    To check the corresponding IBAN or 8-digit Jersey account number of your ADCB Offshore Account, please log on to ADCB Personal Internet Banking or contact your Relationship Manager, or call the ADCB Communications Centre at the following numbers:

    Excellency               800 2004 (or +971 2 621 0090 from outside the UAE)
    Privilege Club         800 8008 (or +971 2 621 0090 from outside the UAE)

  • India Online (Remittances to India)

    Unique and powerful online fund transfers to India:

    • Instant credit from ADCB account to Axis Bank (UTI Bank) or Kotak Bank accounts– a first in the UAE.
    • Same day credit to over 50,000 bank branches participating in the RBI NEFT network.

    Log on to ADCB Personal Internet Banking and click "India Online" to register your beneficiaries. Registration of beneficiaries is a onetime activity, and after beneficiary confirmation, you will be able to remit funds online seamlessly.

    Click here to remit funds now.

  • Issuance of Demand Drafts

    You can request for Demand Draft online anytime by following the simple steps:

    Step 1: Log in to ADCB Personal Internet Banking with your user ID and password to activate your profile

    Step 2: Click on ‘Money Transfer’ Section

    Step 3: Select ‘Request for Demand Draft’

    Step 4: Fill in the required details in the fields

    Step 5: Click on ‘Submit’

  • Swift Transfers

    If you are making a transfer from your ADCB account to another bank account outside the UAE or vice versa, the funds will be sent through SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) transfers. Standard processing time for SWIFT transfers shall apply.


  • IBAN

    The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is required for all Inward and Outward remittances to and from the UAE and for salary payments through Wages Protection Systems (WPS). Click here to generate your IBAN.

ADCB Offshore Banking – Jersey Branch is a registered business name of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC, Jersey Branch (“ADCB Jersey”), which is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Its principal place of business in Jersey is 27 Hill Street, St Helier, JE2 4UA. The registered head office of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Head Office Building, Sheikh Zayed Street, Plot C-33, Sector E-11, P.O. Box 939, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s latest financial statements may be viewed at

ADCB Jersey is a participant in the Jersey Bank Depositors Compensation Scheme. The Scheme offers protection for eligible deposits of up to £50,000. The maximum total amount of compensation is capped at £100,000,000 in any 5 year period. Full details of the Scheme and banking groups covered are available on the States of Jersey website:, or on request.

Please review the details carefully before you submit the instruction. In the event you submit the instruction with incorrect information, the transaction cannot be reversed For transactions that require a currency conversion, ADCB will use foreign exchange rates applicable at the time of processing the transaction. Please note that a foreign exchange spread will also be applied on to the transaction amount. Once the transaction is confirmed it will be processed on the transfer date you selected, subject to: (i) availability of funds (ii) compliance with ADCB terms and conditions (iii) provision of all necessary information required to complete the transfer and (iv) receipt of the transfer request prior to cut off time of the selected currency. If you place a request for transfer through the branch after the cut-off time of the selected currency, the transfer amount will be debited on the next working day at the prevailing exchange rate applied on that day. If you place a request for transfer through ADCB Online after the cut-off time of the selected currency, the transfer amount will be debited immediately at the closing exchange rate of the selected currency for that day.Transfers received in relation to currencies whose currency centers are closed will be processed on the next working day of the respective currency center. Please note that no interest will accrue on the transfer amount from the date it is debited from your account. ADCB will debit any applicable charges and/or commissions in accordance with the Schedule of Charges and Fees. The charges may be revised from time to time at the discretion of the Bank. For details on the fees and charges, please click here. You may be unable to obtain full value for a funds transfer on account of exchange restrictions or other restrictions applicable in the country of payment or due to the fees and charges of the paying bank. ADCB will not be held liable for any delay or any loss in fund value. Terms and conditions apply

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