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Shari'ah Compliant Products

A comprehensive variety of Islamic Banking solutions offer fully transparent Shari’ah compliance to all Excellency clients.
Our commitment is to ensure that your banking experience remains at the highest level of quality, service and convenience while assuring complete Shari’ah compliance.
Designed to ensure your peace of mind and financial security whilst still building your wealth at optimum levels, all Islamic banking products and services offered are regulated by the UAE Central Bank and supervised by an independent Fatwa and Shari’ah Supervisory Board. The Islamic Banking suite of products is available to Excellency clients at our six Excellency Centres, as well as at all ADCB branches across the UAE.

The following Shari’ah compliant products are available:

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  • Accounts and Deposits

    • Current Account
      The Current Account is based on Wadi’ah Bed-Dhaman (Shari’ah compliant safekeeping of funds) to assist you in making your daily banking easier with high quality personalized service.

    • Savings, Special Savings, Islamic Active Saver Account, Emirati Millionaire Savings Account and Millionaire Destiny Savings Accounts
      Offering a suite of attractive Savings Account options, ADCB Islamic Banking works together with you within a Mudaraba partnership to grow your financial security to greater heights.

    • Term Deposits
      ADCB Islamic Banking Term Deposit is based on the concept of Mudaraba partnership. Your investment is placed in a common Mudaraba pool and is invested in strict compliance with Shari’ah to generate the best possible returns. A flexible investment tenor structure enables financial freedom with security.

    • Wakala Deposits
      With a Wakala Deposit, a Master Wakala Agreement is signed between the Muwakil (Investor) and the Wakil (the Bank). The Muwakil appoints the Wakil as an agent in order to invest in Shari’ah Compliant Investments on his/her behalf at an agreed profit rate, to be paid along with the principal on maturity.

    • Takaful & Savings Programme
      ADCB Islamic Banking offer financial assurance through a Shari’ah compliant savings strategy, whether your contributions are a regular commitment or a lump sum investment.
      Regular Contributions
      Lump Sum Contributions
      My Family – Takaful Protection Plan
  • Finance Products

    • Personal Finance
      It is a retail cash finance product considered to be the most trusted Islamic Personal Finance; structured under the unique concept of a Sale contract where the Customer undertakes to deliver/supply a specified tangible asset to the Buyer at mutually agreed future date in exchange for an advance price fully paid at spot by the Buyer.
    • To view the process of the contract transactions please click the following link:Process of Executing transaction
    • Auto Finance
      With ADCB Islamic Banking Auto Finance we work together to journey towards your true driving potential with attractive profit rates and a smooth approval process.

    • Home Finance
      Offering property ownership through ADCB Islamic Banking Ijarah for completed properties and ADCB Islamic Banking Forward Ijarah for properties under construction, together we can secure the right property for you.

    • UAE Construction Home Finance
      UAE Construction Home Finance is offered exclusively to UAE National clients. Providing home finance options over and above Government-provided loans, let us work with you to buy or build the home or villa of your dreams.

    To view the fatwa issued by the Chairman, Shari’ah Supervisory Board authenticating compliance of product structure and validating the documentation please check the following links: Arabic Fatwa | English Fatwa

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