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All products and services are approved by the Fatwa & Sharia Supervisory Board .

Islamic Funds & Investments

ADCB Islamic Banking offers Shari’ah Compliant investment solutions diversified across various asset classes.

ADCB Islamic Banking carefully selects funds that cater to your financial requirements after eliminating companies that profit from Haram (forbidden) activities (such as businesses that deal in alcohol, pornography or pork) and those which fail to qualify as Sharia compliant from financial ratio perspectives as provided by the Sharia Standards endorsed by the Fatwa and Shari’ah Supervisory Board of the Bank.

Our focused approach, target industry segmentation and shared risk concepts help us deliver what we promise to our clients.

As the foundation of Islamic banking is based on business activities, this set-up creates a compelling incentive to make every investment as highly profitable as possible, which in turn benefits everyone.

For further information on our available Shari’ah Compliant investment opportunities please contact your Relationship Manager or the ADCB Islamic Banking Toll free number 600 56 2626

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