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Critical Guard Insurance

Critical Guard Insurance

Safeguard your and your familyís future with cover for 37 critical illnesses.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness takes more than a physical and emotional toll; it also impacts your finances. Thatís why we are introducing Critical Guard through ADCB. An insurance solution to protect you and your family, so you can continue to focus on what really matters, your health.

Take a look at how you benefit with Critical Guard through ADCB:

  • Lump sum cash benefit up to AED 350,000
  • Unlimited tenor cover till age of 65 years
  • Easy application process with no medical requirements*
  • Protection against up to 37 critical illnesses
 Minimum Age at Entry 20 years last birthday
 Maximum Age at Entry 59 years last birthday
 Maximum Age at Maturity 65 years last birthday
 Minimum Term of Plan 1 year
 Minimum Sum Assured AED 100,000
 Maximum Sum Assured AED 350,000
 Sum Assured Payout Immediate (28 days after diagnosis)
 Waiting Period 90 days from the date of policy commencement
 Free Look Period 30 days from issuance of policy
 Scope of Cover Worldwide
 Currency AED
 Payment method Direct debit through ADCB account or through ADCB Credit Card
 Payment Frequency Annually or Quarterly

Cover Options
Age Group
Annual Premium (AED)
20 - 295508001,0001,5002,000
30 - 391,0001,5002,0002,5003,500
40 - 492,0002,7504,0005,0006,000
50 - 593,0005,0006,5007,50010,000

Critical Illnesses Covered
 1. Cancer 21. HIV through blood transfusion
 2. Heart attack 22. Occupationally acquired HIV
 3. Stroke 23. Poliomyelitis
 4. Coronary Artery Bypass surgery 24. Meningitis
 5. Kidney failure 25. Encephalitis
 6. Major organ transplant 26. Cardiomypathy
 7. Heart valve surgery 27. Aplastic anemia
 8. Aorta graft surgery 28. Primary pulmonary hypertension
 9. Multiple Sclerosis 29. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
 10. Parkinsonís disease 30. Major head trauma
 11. Motor neurone disease 31. End stage lung disease
 12. Paralysis 32. Terminal liver insufficiency
 13. Loss of limbs 33. Creutzfeld-Jacob disease
 14. Blindness 34. Progressive Scleroderma
 15. Coma 35. Apallic syndrome
 16. Loss of hearing 36. Severe myocarditis
 17. Loss of speech 37. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Ė resulting in permanent symptoms
 18. Severe burns
 19. Loss of one limb and loss of one eye.
 20. Benign brain tumour

3 Simple Ways To Apply

Call Us - 800 2030

This Product is offered by Orient Insurance PJSC for ADCB Clients and is subject to their approval. Insurance Products are made available to clients on request, based on an analysis of their needs. Insurance products are underwritten by respective insurance providers and issued subject to their terms and conditions. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) does not offer insurance advice, nor does it manage, underwrite or issue insurance policies. ADCB is not responsible for rejected applications or claims by any insurance company. Premiums received by ADCB for insurance plans are not bank deposits. Investment products are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by ADCB. They are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please refer to ADCB Terms and Conditions for Investment Services.

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