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Wealth Design

Wealth Design

WealthDesign™ is a unique financial management proposition, designed specifically by ADCB to provide individually tailored investment solutions to our clients. At ADCB we understand that initial decisions regarding investments can be difficult, and so with this in mind, ADCB has developed a comprehensive programme with different management styles to help you make the most of your wealth.

When it comes to investment it is important not 'to have all your eggs in one basket', hence WealthDesign™ is designed to recommend a wide-ranging portfolio based on different funds and products spread across the world, and across different securities, be it equity funds, bonds or structured notes. With this broad spectrum of products on offer we can help you maximise your returns while minimising the risk associated with investments.

With ADCB’s in-depth research on the global markets, WealthDesign™ can offer you the most flexible and innovative solutions with as little or as much involvement as desired from you.

We understand that some people like to have full control of their money and like to know every detail of how their wealth is being used, while other investors are happy to allow our dedicated professionals manage their wealth in its entirety. With our extensive understanding of this we have developed a 3 tier wealth management style that will allow you to control your wealth as you prefer.

For more information on Wealth Design, please contact your Relationship Manager or SMS INVEST to 2626

Investment products are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by ADCB. They are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please refer to ADCB Terms & Conditions for Investment Services. This web-page is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase investment products.

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