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ADCB BusinessChoice Current Account

ADCB BusinessChoice Current Account

ADCB BusinessChoice Ė The Smart Choice for Enterprising Individuals

Running your business can be difficult enough without having to deal with a bank that doesnít appear to understand your needs. Everything from negotiating a loan to paying in cheques every day takes up valuable time that could be better spent focusing on your core business. Thatís why ADCB has created BusinessChoice, the one stop shop for all your day to day business banking essentials.

Designed specifically for self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses, ADCB BusinessChoice will revolutionize the way you look at banking. With unique features such as no minimum account balance requirement* and complimentary cheque collection* from your business premises, ADCB BusinessChoice takes the hard work out of banking, allowing you to concentrate more on growing your business.

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Call - 600 50 2030
SMS - BCA to 2626

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