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Features and Benefits of BusinessChoice Current Account

  • Free Cheque Pick-up Facility*
    Time is precious, donít waste it by standing in queues. ADCB will send a vehicle to your location to pick-up cheques. That saves you time, improves cash management and reduces the possibility of fraud.
  • No Minimum Balance Requirement*
    Small businesses face no greater constraint than cash flow, which is why ADCB BusinessChoice customers can enjoy the freedom of no minimum balance for a nominal monthly fee. And those who prefer to maintain a higher balance can unlock a range of attractive waivers on day-to-day banking transactions, adding up to great annual savings.
  • Auto Sweep Facility
    Sweep In
    : With Auto Sweep In facility, you donít need to worry about returned cheques due to insufficient funds. With this new feature, the ďSweep InĒ facility automatically pulls in available funds from other ADCB accounts and covers up for any shortfall of funds in your primary BusinessChoice Current Account through a standing instruction.
    Sweep Out: With this new facility, the surplus balances in your primary BusinessChoice Current Account can be linked to an interest bearing ADCB account and you can start reaping the benefits of earning higher returns from your savings.
  • Globally Accepted ATM/Debit Card
    The ADCB ATM/Debit card, which is linked to the Petty Cash Account, offers flexibility and convenience in your everyday life. With this card, you can enjoy cash withdrawal from over 900,000 ATMs within and outside UAE. You can also pay for all your shopping, dining, travel or any other payments conveniently with your card. Whatís more - you can apply for up to 5 Supplementary debit cards linked to the Primary debit card.
  • Free Business Insurance (For Platinum Customers only)
    Should the worst ever happen, ADCB BusinessChoice provides you peace of mind with complimentary premises insurance coverage of up to AED 250,000 against fire and theft, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Preferential Rates on Remittances*
    Conduct your banking transactions online through and not only will you be able to access your account details 24/7, you will also receive great savings on payments and transfers.
  • Free Limited Teller Transactions
  • Free Cheque Book
  • Free ATM, Phone Banking, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Free e-Statement
  • ADCB BusinessChoice Interest-Bearing Account
    This new account facility encourages you to maintain surplus balances so that you can benefit from higher interest rates. Your surplus account balances from your assigned daily limit will automatically be swept out to your Business Choice Interest Bearing Account which will enable you to earn higher returns from your savings.

    Interest rate slabs for Business Choice Interest Bearing Account, where interest is calculated daily (End Of Day) and paid monthly (End Of Month) are as follows:

    Account Balance in BusinessChoice Interest
    Bearing Account (in AED)
    Interest Rate (% p.a.)
    0.00 - 24,999.990.50
    25,000.00 - 99,999.990.75
    100,000.00 - 299,999.991.00
    300,000.00 - 4,999,999.991.50
    5,000,000.00 +1.00
    Note: The interest rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Bank without any prior notice. ADCBís Terms & Conditions apply.

    The Sweep-Out service links your primary current account to an interest bearing account and funds beyond preset threshold limits in the former account get transferred to the latter account to earn tiered interest based on available balance. Predefined threshold limits to trigger Sweep Out facility:

    ADCB Conventional BusinessChoice
    Current Account (BCA)
    Sweep Out Threshold Amount^
    Silver BCA> AED 25,000
    Gold BCA> AED 75,000
    Platinum BCA> AED 150,000

    ^(Any balance above this amount will be swept out from BusinessChoice Current Account to BusinessChoice Interest Bearing Account by way of a Standing Instruction)

    Note: The threshold limits are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Bank without any prior notice. ADCBís Terms & Conditions apply. There is no minimum balance requirement or monthly charges, no overdraft or cheque book facility, no TouchPoints and no ATM/Debit Card issued on this account. Teller Transactions are chargeable for cash/cheque deposit and withdrawals. Set a Standing Instruction to activate Sweep Out facility and reap the reward of maintaining higher balances.

  • Free Petty Cash Account*
    To facilitate daily transactions, ADCB offers no minimum balance account which comes with a debit card.

    * This facility is available to Gold & Platinum Customers only. Subject to ADCBís Terms and Conditions.
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