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Fixed Deposit Account

TouchPoints Enabled
Fixed Deposit Account

Top returns and peace of mind

ADCB Fixed Term Deposit Accounts makes things easier for you. With flexible tenures and guaranteed interest, ADCB Fixed Deposit makes sure you donít miss out on the little pleasures of life.

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  • Features

    • Open to UAE nationals, expatriates and non-residents
    • Available in UAE Dirhams, US Dollars, British Pounds and other currencies
    • Minimum deposit of AED 5,000 or its equivalent in respective currencies
    • Flexible tenures in months: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 13 and days: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 375, 400, 500
    • To view interest rates of our Fixed Deposit products, please click here.
    • Overdraft facility of up to 90% of fixed deposit to meet any immediate needs
    • Simple documentation
    • Enjoy a higher interest rate and more convenience when opening a fixed deposit through Personal Internet Banking
  • TouchPoints

    Deposit amount and tenure (TouchPoints Paid on maturity)TouchPoints will be earned if deposit amount is AED 100,000 or more. The number of TouchPoints earned will vary according to the tenure of the deposit, as shown below:
    TenureTouchPoints for every AED 10,000
    1 month10
    2 months20
    3 months40
    6 months100
    12 months and above300

    * TouchPoints are not rewarded on Advantage Fixed Deposit and Century Fixed Deposit products.

3 Simple Ways To Apply

Call - 600 50 2030
SMS - FD to 2626

Alternatively, visit one of our ADCB branches, or call our 24-hour Contact Centre on 600 50 2030 for more information.

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Click here to chat with an ADCB customer service agent.

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