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Introducing the Target Date Fund from ADCB


We understand that your financial needs change with each new stage of life. Presenting, the Target Date Fund series, an innovative zero-maintenance retirement plan. This unique solution automatically adjusts your savings to match your life-stage. It is accessible worldwide and can be cashed out anytime.

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  • Are you on target?

    For the average person to enjoy a comfortable post-work lifestyle, they require about 80% of their current income to support them through the first 20 years of retirement. Thatís the equivalent of 16 years income for daily expenses alone, so preparation is vital.Even with that large figure in mind, the majority of expats in the UAE donít have employer-based retirement plans, instead relying on lump sum payments known as the Ďend-of-service gratuityí, which they receive on resignation.

    While it can feel great to have a lump sum in-hand, itís usually not enough to pay for the cost of retirement. As such, many expats save additionally, but often via unsuitable investment products, or are signed up for complicated and expensive products with lock-in periods.

    But imagine if there was a retirement plan with

    TDF-icon-p2-2Low CostsTDF-icon-p2-3No Hidden Charges
    TDF-icon-p2-4No PenaltiesTDF-icon-p2-5Complete Freedom
  • What's the aim?

    The ADCB Target Date Fund is an advanced retirement solution that evolves with you, because it incorporates your needs, which change over time as you approach your golden years.

    TDF-icon-p3-2Itís a very simple and transparent way to invest in your future, through fully managed and diversified funds with asset classes that automatically rebalance, in line with your anticipated retirement date.
    TDF-icon-p3-3This is a risk adjusting approach, which means that your fund start off with an emphasis on higher risk asset classes, and then moves to lower risk instruments over time, without you having to do anything.

    Run in the form of a fund-of-funds, it currently has two offerings that mature in 2025 and 2035 respectively, to give you the option of choosing the one closest to your intended retirement date. They can be liquidated in the stated years, or left to continue accumulating depending on your preference.

  • How does it hit the mark?

    While the ADCB Target Date Fund is established in Luxemburg, customers enjoy ADCBís intimate local market knowledge as well as the international expertise of Principal Global Investors, the worldwide leader in managing funds like it.

    TDF-icon-p4-3Along with reliable oversight, youíll have full access to your funds including details on the investment portfolio, and can review the performance and holdings from anywhere in the world.
    TDF-icon-p4-4You're also authorised to stop, start
    TDF-icon-p4-5Increase or decrease your contribution
    TDF-icon-p4-6As well as make ad-hoc payments any time.

    This makes moving from the UAE very easy to do.

  • The fund benefits


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