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Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card

The ADCB Purchasing Card helps streamline your requisition and expense management process.
By controlling and tracking company spending, it saves you time and money through reduced administrative costs.
Our Purchasing Card can be used for everyday business purchases such as stationery and utility bill payments, as well as for IT equipment. Accepted for payment online and in person at over 24 million locations worldwide.

Maximise cash flow

  • Enjoy 50 days interest-free period.
  • Eliminate paperwork and receipt reconciliation.
  • Maintain all spend data in one location.
  • Identify spend by supplier.
  • Eliminate costly cheque transactions and petty cash management.

Increased control

  • Individual credit limits for each card issued.
  • Increase or decrease individual card limits.
  • Monitor all transactions online.

Simplified process

  • Supplier settlement within 48 hours.
  • Cardholders receive itemised monthly statements.
  • Your company receives a summary statement.
  • Apply for as many cards as you need.
  • Consolidated billing means one direct debit payment for all monthly transactions.


  • Advanced Chip & PIN security.
  • Strictly maintained credit limits.
  • Data-rich reporting tool to track spending.
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Call - 600 50 2030 (Within UAE)

+971 2 6210090 (Outside UAE)

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