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Corporate Cards Program

Corporate Cards Program

Doing businesses and developing it in the UAE have unique banking needs. That’s why we’ve created ADCB Commercial Cards: to help you with your ambitious growth plans. ADCB Corporate Cards Program offer a variety of features and benefits, all designed to meet your varied company accounting system as well as the employee expense needs.

Corporate Cards Program is packed with useful features to truly become an asset for your business. Your organization can consolidate travel, entertainment and other business expenses onto a single payment instrument – reducing the need for cash advances, simplifying expense reconciliation, and enabling enhanced budget control and monitoring.

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  • Corporate Card Types

    CorporateExclusiveCardsmallCorporate Exclusive Card

    Designed for the needs of senior level employees, with additional lifestyle benefits. Learn More

    CorporateCardSmallCorporate Card

    Ideal for general staff, enabling you to manage all travel and entertainment expenses. Learn More

    PurchasingCardSmallPurchasing Card

    Enabling purchase managers and others to coordinate everyday business purchase. Learn More

  • Chip & PIN security and PayPass

    All Corporate Cards are engineered with advanced Chip & PIN security. This means you will be asked for a PIN after most purchase transactions (instead of signing a sales receipt). This makes your company purchases more secure. To select a PIN for purchases and cash withdrawal, the card holder can simply call 600 50 2030 or send SMS.

    Your card also comes with MasterCard PayPass technology, making small purchases easier than ever. Simply tap your card on the PayPass terminal for cash-free payment.

    To activate your card and select your PIN:

    SMS ACT <space> last 6 digits of your card number <space> 4 digit number of your choice for PIN selection to 2626.

    Example: ACT 123456 7890

  • Managing Corporate Card Accounts - For Company

    • Nominate Program Administrators from your own company.
    • ADCB Relationship Manager on hand for guidance and advice.
    • ADCB Contact Centre provides 24/7 support.
    • Dedicated email helpdesk.
  • Managing Corporate Card Accounts - For Card Holders

    ADCB Personal Internet Banking

    Our Internet banking platform allows you to view real-time card balances and available credit. You can also download previous statements and do much more.

    ADCB Mobile Banking

    We make it simple, secure and convenient to access your accounts and cards using your mobile phone. You can securely perform a range of services effortlessly and round the clock, via SMS or by downloading our mobile app. ADCB Mobile also provides alerts and inquiry services wherever you are.

  • Smart Data Online

    Data-rich, electronic expense management tool for both ADCB Corporate Cards and the ADCB Purchasing Card. Enables you to manage and streamline card transaction data.

    Smart Data OnLine reporting is designed to meet your company's specific needs. You can see details like hotel chain spending, flight legs, and other information on how money is being spent. With a clear picture of spending patterns, volume, and frequency you'll have an essential tool for identifying cost-saving opportunities. A detailed picture on individual relationships will prove invaluable as you negotiate with suppliers.

    • Real-time view of cardholder limit profiles.
    • Request reports and data in 21 languages.
    • Access global spending information, spending patterns, types of merchants, expense categories and business units.
    • Monthly reports and itemized statements.
    • Detailed cardholder spending activity is tracked and reported including transaction information, cardholder summaries, statements, and vital information.
    • Your MasterCard data integrates into existing accounting and ERP Systems with quick and easy access to card spend data.
    • Diverse company expense management needs, from administration to purchasing and more are supported.
    • Easy, company-wide, set-up only system requirement is browser and Internet access to deliver data and reporting straight to your desktop without proprietary software.
    • Minimal training for all levels of use - simple, intuitive design and little system interface training required.
    • Enhancements are immediately available to all users, eliminating extensive and costly software upgrades, data download, and database load processing.

    For more information, please speak to your ADCB Relationship Manager

  • Convenient Payment Options

    ADCB gives you to the convenience to pay the corporate credit card outstanding amount through any of our convenient channels as following:

    • Personal Internet Banking for the corporate card holder’s- click on the “Credit Card Payment” option under the “Credit Card” menu.
    • Mobile Banking App for the corporate card holder’s - select your Credit Card which you wish to make payment and choose “Manage your Credit Cards” tab.
    • Through any of our branches and Cash Deposit Machines.
    • Company can use ( Pro Cash platform ) to pay the outstanding amount under any of related corporate credit cards at any time before the payment due date, Click on the “Single payment request “ and enter the related card number with the amount to be paid.

    However, the corporate credit card is linked to the company account with an auto debit instruction to settle the full monthly outstanding amount on the due date.

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Call - 600 50 2030 (Within UAE)

+971 2 6210090 (Outside UAE)

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