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Mortgage Overdraft


ADCB Mortgage Overdraft Facility allows you to now borrow money against the equity in your home, as and when needed.

With ADCB Mortgage Overdraft Facility, you can now start to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Interest levied only when you withdraw funds.
  • Withdraw money for any purpose - as and when needed.
  • Operate your overdraft account as your 'normal current account'
  • Borrowing up to 80% of property value
  • Avail an overdraft facility for up to 10 years.
  • All borrowing is on an Interest Only basis. You can reduce the principle outstanding on your borrowing at any time.

Terms & Conditions apply. Approval of loan is at the sole discretion of ADCB upon submission of proofs and documentation acceptable as per ADCBís policies and guidelines.

3 Simple Ways To Apply

Call - 600 50 2030

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